Music I Cannot Live Without (Day 137)

Elvis’ cover of the Buffy Sainte-Marie classic. Remembering the King today, everyday, always.

You’re not a dream, you’re not an angel, you’re a woman
I’m not a king, just a man, take my hand
We’ll make a space in this lives that we planned
And here we’ll stay until it’s time for you to go…

Elvis Presley – Until It’s Time For You To Go

Music I Cannot Live Without (Day 129)

Well, I quit my job down at the car wash,
Left my mama a goodbye note,
By sundown I’d left Kingston,
With my guitar under my coat,
I hitchhiked all the way down to Memphis,
Got a room at the YMCA,
For the next three weeks I went huntin’ them nights,
Just lookin’ for a place to play,
Well, I thought my pickin’ would set ’em on fire,
But nobody wanted to hire a guitar man…

Elvis Presley – Guitar Man