Music I Cannot Live Without (Day 96)

And all these songs I write for you
They tear me up, it’s not hard to do
Listen to my voice
It’s the only weapon I kept from the war

And I can soothe every ailment you endure
And I can see into the future most assured
I don’t have a choice
It’s the only life I know after the war

Everything we made, reduced to dust
You were the one who taught me most
I carry your remains
Your emblem and your name
Nothing left will ever be the same

And this war we fought was violent and long
Weeks turned into years but we keep on keeping on
The ringing in my brain
Is what remains

This war has worn me down
Broken dreams and a hole in the ground
Don’t give up
And don’t give in…

I’m lucky enough to get to see Bob Mould tonight at a sold out show in Bristol. My ears will be ringing for days after this show. Bob plays loud, peppering the setlist with Hüsker Dü and Sugar tracks, plus his own solo work.

This is from his most recent album, Beauty & Ruin.

Bob Mould – The War

UPDATE: 12 hours after I finally went to bed last night (well, 1.30am this morning), my ears are still ringing. It was LOUD.

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