Where next?

I’m a little bit stuck at the moment. I think I’ve run the ‘Six Word Story’ thing as far as I can. My attempts at poetry I’m not proud of, so many of them are remaining as draft and not published on this blog. I’m undecided where the ‘Then and Now’ tale can go next; I have the idea, but it’s being able to put it into practice I’m unsure of. Should I amalgamate them into one, so it reads as an entire narrative or is it too fragmented for that? Is it worth revisiting that? I need suggestions and your input, dear reader.


I realise that at times I pour too much of myself into what I type (should I write it down first before typing? I’m not so sure. That’s an easy way for me to censor myself). Should I hold back? Should I not be so open? In my defence, this is my only true outlet where I can be myself as opposed to a ‘projection’ of myself (of someone who I wishes I was).

What would *you* like to read? Is there something specific that I can try and turn my attention to? Give me a topic if you wish! Inspire me, dear reader!

Thank you for listening.

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