Then and Now (part 8)

He has never known a song as sweet as that sung by the melodies. Even when they are melancholic (as they are currently) he still listens in awe and wonder at their sound.

He worries about the sound though. It is strained, and he knows not how to soothe, how to calm. He worries that the distance is growing further, not closer.

He longs for the distance to no longer exist. He needs the melodies; he hopes that the melodies need him.

As he stands at the shoreline, gazing across the sea, he feels the ache in his heart. He will do all that he possibly can to help the melodies sing as they should.

He misses their beautiful song. He is willing to wait as long as it takes to hear them again.


He dreams. The melodies fill his senses. He can see their colours. He hears their chorus. He feels their warmth as he holds them in his arms. He hopes that the melodies feel safe with him, that they find solace with him. He does not want to wake.


The rain starts to fall. It is gentle and comforting.

He starts to dance. The melodies would want him to dance.

When they return, he will dance with them.

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