Then and Now (part 4)

It was during the small hours he felt his darkness the most. His solitude smothered him. No matter where he turned, he was always alone.

He cannot remember picking out the melodies for the first time. He remembers them being faint and distant, sounding very different to how they do now; he strained to hear them over the pressing silence.

With time, their tune changed. They provided a light to help cover the darkness. They drowned out the silence and helped guide him out of Nowhere.


During the small hours, he makes his way to the water’s edge. Without fear, he walks in to the sea.

With only a few steps, the sea is at his knees. He continues on; the tide swirls around his waist, then his chest.

Another step and the water is to his neck.

He closes his eyes. He drops beneath the waves. He floats. He drifts.

The melodies carry him along with the current. They are louder, more harmonious then ever before. He feels at one with them. They are his companion like no other. They remove the chill of the sea, filling him with warmth.

In that moment, they sing just for him.

He is blessed. He has been saved.

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