Then and Now (part 2)

The melodies

They sound so sweet. They lift him up. They are full of warmth and provide him with hope. Their sound swirls; he closes his eyes and loses himself in their cadence. He floats. He feels free.

As well as lifting him up, they also keep him grounded. They help him maintain his focus. They are full of light. They help keep the darkness away. They ensure the silence doesn’t return.


The melodies do such much for him. As well as the warmth and comfort they provide, they boost his confidence and shelter his fragile heart.


His heart

He has always struggled to be accepted. He has always fought and wrestled with being loved. All he wants is to be loved. Years of being put down, years of being belittled, years of threats, beatings…they have taken their toll.

His heart is fragile. It is easily damaged. The thin cracks can easily open and become gaping chasms.

Yet the melodies keep his heart safe. He can feel the metaphysical as physical. Their loving caress enables him to believe, to trust.

To have hope.



The shoreline

As the sun sets, he stands barefoot at the water’s edge, the sea lapping gently over his toes. He can hear the melodies louder than ever. They rush across the waves, across thousands of miles. It is here he feels connected with the lilting harmonies that envelop him. He reaches down, allowing the incoming tide to rush through his fingers.

The tears gently fall from his cheeks and become one with the ocean.

He has found his way home.



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